Are you afraid to charge premium prices for your services? If so, why? The reason people hire experts is to help them solve a problem. They are not really interested in how many steps it takes to solve the problem, they just want it solved. If you are able to solve a problem for your client, then think more about the value you bringing to the table than the number of hours it is taking you to solve the problem.

Is your expertise creating a transformation for your clients? How valuable is that transformation? If you are like me, you want a problem solved, quickly and painlessly.

The first step to feeling confident in charging premium prices to be totally clear on the result you are providing. And then decide what it is worth. If you are not confident in what you are charging, then your clients certainly are not going to be. Decide what your services are worth, go out and find the right clients, and then over deliver, make them have such a great experience that they are singing your praises.

If you can create a very important change for your customers, and you are charging what you are worth, you are going to be happier. If you take on clients for not enough money, you risk becoming resentful of your clients, and potentially, they have just simply agreed to what you said it would cost.  You actually create a bad situation by under charging.

Stop worrying about what others think – go after what you believe in, what you know you are worth. Only work with the clients you want to work with – listen to your gut when you know a potential client is not going to be a good fit. You are better off working to grow your business in the right direction than to take on a client who is going to eat up too much of your time, and make your life difficult. Be clear on what you deliver and what problem you are solving. Set realistic expectations.

Be consistent in everything you put out there – and make delivering what you promise your number on priority.