Social Media is Social!

What are you posting on your social media channels? It is important to remember that social media is just that: SOCIAL! People are going to follow you if you are interesting and helpful to them. If you are just trying to sell your product or services, they are not going to be interested in what you are putting out there.

Who is your audience?

The first step is to be really clear on who your audience is. Once that is clear, then ask yourself what are they struggling with, or what are they interested in. You want to be a resource for your audience, the person they come to for relevant information. Social media is a form of networking, a form of word-of-mouth referrals. Be so good that your followers want to retweet and share your content.

Think of social media just like you would meeting someone in person. If you went to a party, you wouldn’t walk in, introduce yourself to a stranger, and then just start selling them on your services. Rather, you would get to know them, and build a relationship. It isn’t all that hard – ask questions, find out about the person you are talking to, rather than talking about yourself all the time.

It takes time.

Building relationships takes time and effort. Don’t expect to put your social media on autopilot and get great results. You need to put time and effort into it. I say, do one thing well. Rather than be overwhelmed by trying to post on all channels, pick the one channel where you know your audience is, and spend time there. If you get that under control, and want to tackle another channel, go for it. But don’t think you have to be everywhere. It would be better to do one thing really well, then lots of things poorly. Remember, you are trying to build the know, like and trust factor. Let your followers get to know you – the real you.

Be real.

There is only one you – let that come through. Being yourself is going to help you make real connections with people who you will enjoy working with.