Bluehost.comWe all need a website! What is the first thing we do when we hear of a new business that we want to know more about? If you are like me, you Google them! And before you know it, someone finds your website, or they see you don’t have a website. Often our websites are the first impression we make on prospective clients. That is important.

If you want a do-it-yourself website, I highly recommend WordPress, a free platform, that is very user friendly. Following are the steps for how to create a self-hosted website.

Okay, so where do you start? First you need to have a domain name, one that is easy to say and easy to spell. I highly recommend Bluehost for all my hosting needs, including buying a new domain name. So hop on over to Bluehost, and click on the “Sign Up Now” button (no obligation). And the first thing I like to do is play around with domain names, and see what is available. You might consider .net if you can’t get .com. Once you have a found a domain name that is available, sign up for hosting. Often your primary domain name will be free when you sign-up for hosting. The reason I like to purchase my domain and hosting on the same site, is it is faster, cheaper and easier than buying a domain from one place and then hosting from another, you will have to link the two together, and why go through that if you don’t have to. That said, if you have your domain name, no problem, the hosting services will help you point the domain to their hosting.

Important tip: if you get stuck along the way with installation, just call your hosting service, they will help you, that is what they are there for!

Next, Install WordPress
With Bluehost, like many other hosting services, you will see something called WordPress Builders. Click on that and it will direct you to install WordPress. Next you are going to choose a theme. The theme is what WordPress calls templates.  There are a lot of themes available, some are free, some are paid. Right within WordPress you can see what themes are available. You can always change your theme, and it won’t delete your content, but things will shift around on the pages.

The big question with WordPress, because it was originally created as blogging software, and now most of us use for our website and our blog all in one, is will your home page be your blog or a landing page? You go into Settings in the dashboard, and click on Reading, and you can set that preference.

Start adding your content and photos!
You can add new pages by going to Pages in the dashboard, then name the page and start writing. Same for blogs, the only difference is you go to posts. When you want to add a photo, you go to the media library, or “add media” above where you write your text. Once inside the media library, you can click to go to your desktop to select a photo.

Have fun, and be creative!!!