Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Website in a Day cost?

Website in a Day is $2,500. Prepaid. You may choose to add additional services such as logo design, copywriting, or custom photography.

Is Website in a Day in person?

Website in a Day is completely remote. We will check in by phone and/or on Zoom. I will be sending you links to review the design as we go.

Do I need to be available on my design day?

Yes. We can schedule times to talk live, but the process will be most effective if you are available to review and approve as we go. It won’t take your whole day, but your input is an important part of the process.

Will you design my logo?

Logo design is an add-on. Let’s discuss on our initial call.

When will my site go live?

Either on the design-and-build day, or the very next day. There may a little tweaking left for me to do, and it will also depend on if we build the site right on your domain, or if we have created a development site and need to move files over. This will be clear up front.

When do I have to have content to you?

I need to have all content, photos, artwork, and passwords 4 days in advance of design-and-build day. That way, I can check files and get started setting up your site.

What if I have to cancel?

One cancellation, 48 hours in advance, is okay. When you give me less notice than that, or you cancel more than once, you will be charged a $500 fee.

What if my content isn't ready on design day?

I highly recommend that you have your content ready. This is key to making the process work, and having your site done in one day. If you are missing some content, I can put placeholder text in place, and you can replace it. Or you can hire me to add content after our design day.

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