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Because there is only one.

12 Weeks to 5 Figures a Month and Beyond

In just 12 weeks, you are going to have a new, highly profitable business. Get ready to push yourself to a whole new world, you are going to be highly effective, and you are going to be charging more for you expertise than you ever dreamed of.

All of my coaching is customized to the needs of my client and where they are, but here is an outline of the way my 12 week program usually goes:


We get total clarity on your ideal client and what problem you are solving for them. In week one we are on our way to creating your new business.


We create an outline of exactly how your business will work: your offers, including a high-ticket signature offer. What to charge and how you will deliver your services and offers.


We get to work creating your business, including your new logo and website. At the same time we are fine tuning your offers.


We develop your free content that creates the know, like and trust factor with your audience so they are excited to work with you. 


We get all systems in place: your marketing funnel, your autoresponder (email marketing) – we get it all up and running, and branded to look like you!

You get access to your new site to start adding compelling copy.


By week six you have a new brand, up and running. Now it’s time to go get clients! 

In the next six weeks we are going to be focusing on your marketing. First we will develop a customized plan for finding your ideal clients, and signing them on quickly. From there we will refine your marketing, and continue to work together to develop your marketing and grow your business to get you to 10K months, and beyond!

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